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Emergency Room vs. Urgent Care

E-Care is an entirely unique medical practice where we tailor your visit based on your condition.

It isn’t easy deciding if you have an emergency or not. E-Care uses strict triage guidelines that will guide you to the correct level of care. Our triage system takes into account many factors. Often it is easy to decide: a simple hangnail is urgent care. However, a hangnail in a diabetic with streaking up the arm is emergent. A simple sore throat is urgent, however, a sore throat with high fever or with drooling is emergent.

Our experienced triage nurses in the McKinney, Frisco and North Tarrant centers will take a thorough medical history and assess your vital signs. This data, combined with established guidelines, will determine if you require Urgent or Emergent care.

Urgent Care Option Available During Urgent Care Hours Only:
Mon-Fri (8AM-10PM) Sat (8AM-8PM) Sun (9AM-5PM)

In general, Urgent visits involve one body system with normal vital signs. Emergent visits include (but are not limited to): multiple complaints, abnormal vital signs, severe pain, underlying medical conditions, very young or old, trauma, headache, chest painabdominal or pelvic pain, dehydration, weakness or dizziness, trouble breathing, need for IV or breathing therapy, need for admission, neurological changes, drug or alcohol issues, psychiatric or emotional complaints.

If you’re still unsure, it’s best to come directly to one of our E-Care facilities near you.